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Just some faves I have.


Isabella As Kitty Katswell by MasterghostUnlimited

While I applaud your efforts on this piece, I think this drawing is a little off. First of all, Isabella looks like she needs a cup of ...

NUMBUH 55 by Flame-dragon

Well, I like how you did this on Paint, heck, I used to do my early works on Paint, but everything changes, especially art. For starter...

It looks like you made her a bit older, which is good. However, the shoulders are uneven at times. Her scepter looks crooked a bit, but...

This in my opinion, is a beautiful background sis. You worked very hard in this one indeed. But, the stars however, could use some spar...

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Art Jam Entry-Of Murders and Alliances Part 1C by Urvy1A
Art Jam Entry-Of Murders and Alliances Part 1C
Part 1C of my art jam entry for AgentC-24 's A Deadly Case of The Hives art jam.  This is the next-to-last part of part 1.

Now that the Alliance is assembled to solve the case, Jessie Jetter commands Casey Quickster, Franny Freeze, and Electrica to help her solve the mystery of Rosey's murder.  Jessie and Electrica will ask the quests questions, Casey will have to use her speed to find evidence, and Franny is assigned to entertain the younger guests to distract them from the murder.  Things are going to be very interesting...

This is the first time that more than 2 Alliance members appear in a comic.  I added a cameo by InkRose98 's OC, Ink Rose as a portrait for kicks.

There will be cameos, but I am not saying who!

Ink Rose- (C) Anastasia Snyder.
All other characters and comic- (C) Urvy Jaramillo.

PS-Hope you guys don't mind the pony cameo.
Art Jam Entry-Of Murders and Alliances Part 1B by Urvy1A
Art Jam Entry-Of Murders and Alliances Part 1B
Art Jam entry for AgentC-24Â A Deadly Case of The Hives Art Jam, this is Part 1B of either a 2 or 3 part arc.

As Jessie Andrews transforms into Jessie Jetter, help has arrived in the forms of Casey Quickster, Electrica, and Franny Freeze! These gals know how to do big entrances!

In previous comics I did for the Deviant Universe, Jessie and Casey transform using these entrances (and Casey also spins in a twister sometimes, as shown in another comic), however, this is the first time you see how Franny and Electrica make their entrances.

I also added detail to Franny and Electrica, such as adding frilly parts to Franny's costume, and a headband on Electrica (as well as giving her yellow details on her gloves and boots.)

More to come!

All characters and page- (C) Urvy Jaramillo.
Art Jam Entry-Of Murders and Alliances Part 1A by Urvy1A
Art Jam Entry-Of Murders and Alliances Part 1A
Art Jam Entry for Part 1 of a possible 2-part arc for AgentC-24 's amusing murder mystery art jam.  This is Part 1-A, since Part 1 is divided into 4 pages.

Jessie Andrews has been invited again to attend Rosey Willow's Top of The Hive Ball for 2014.  But, Rosey's dead!  So much for a night off from fighting crime, so Jessie has to solve the crime.  This time, this will be a team effort, as Jessie uses her Alliance of Super Girls communicator to contact three members to help her solve this case.  From there, Jessie is about to change from her formal outfit into her costume...

This is the first non-Deviant Universe related comic arc i have done, and the first crossover with characters from other people's universes.   This gives a chance for Jessie to use her detective skills, in addition to her combat skills (but, her fighting and weapon skills won't be used in this arc.)  

I got 2 more pages done, and I am brainstorming the 3rd page, and will move on to Part 2 as soon as I complete other projects before the 30th.

Rosey Willow- (C) AgentC24
Jessie Jetter, Alliance of Super Girls, and comic- (C) Urvy Jaramillo.


Journal Entry: Thu Oct 2, 2014, 12:16 AM

Hello once again!

Welcome to October, the SPOOKIEST month ever!  First, I would like to say congrats to both Granitoons and TopperHay for their big day, which was last week.  I have something for you guys, I'll upload it soon.

You guys noticed that I did not upload any art jam logos this year, it is because I will not host an October art jam this year, due to me currently attending Interface Design 1, and with that, that means no time to make logos for my own jam.  However, I will be taking part in others' art jam, as well as getting ready for a big art jam that I will participate in this coming November.  Not to mention, I am going to do a comic for the DeviantUniverse group I belong to.

But, I will plan to host a Christmas-themed art jam after November.  Details will come in November, but for now, I will not host a Halloween Jam due to other projects and schoolwork.

Also, I plan to go to the Texas Renaissance Festival again, the reason why I am going, is because I got free tickets from going to Comicpalooza this year.   

That is all.


Coloring Job
Point Commission-SleepyKiks by Urvy1A
Got a nice line art for me to color? Bring it here! NOTE-Coloring jobs are for digital only.
Line Art
Sketch Request 1 by Urvy1A
Sketch Request 5 by Urvy1A
Simple lineart drawings. 'Nuff said. Your choice of inked or sketched.
Colored Pics
AB-Redone Betty by Urvy1A
Art Jam Entry-Wonder Jessie by Urvy1A
A nice, colored piece of either digital or traditional coloring.

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