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February 4
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ASG-Only Solutions by Urvy1A ASG-Only Solutions by Urvy1A
A follow-up to "Observing Betty":    ASG-Observating Betty by Urvy1A

After seeing Betty's plight online, and after seeing her being all mad about seeing panty shots online, Jessie finally finds a solution-A new uniform!  After Jessie finds one of her old bike unitards, she decided to use it as a pattern for Betty's new uniform!  Now, Betty won't worry about panty shots when she battles evil by herself or with the Alliance!  Jessie is pleased to see that Betty is embracing her new uniform!

Like the previous pic, this was inspired by LifeKore 's Atomic Betty art.   Also, the title of this pic is taken from Journey's song, "Only Solutions", from the movie "Tron".  Yes, Jessie listens to progressive/AOR rock in addition to classic rock and new wave. As I stated before, me and LifeKore are the few Betty fans who do not like panty shots, especially ones that involve Betty and turn her into a sex object.

I added more detail to the interior of Alliance HQ, such as the signs directing to the other parts of the HQ, including a hangar and dock (the dock is used for nautical transportation, including a huge submarine!  Overall, this pic came out good, despite few mistakes.

Atomic Betty- (C) Atomic Cartoons, Breakthrough Animation, and Skywriter Entertainment.
Jessie Jetter, Alliance of Super Girls and pic- (C) Urvy Jaramillo.

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EarthVStheDerek Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014
I know she's a cartoon an' all, but this outfit makes a little more sense for an adventurer.
Urvy1A Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I agree, it does.
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